Pets ER

402 Punkin Court
Salisbury, MD 21804-2077


                                              PET'S ER

                                           We are here for all your emergency needs!

                                      We care & treat small animals only, Cats & Dogs!

   Open Every Night                    Open Fri @ 6 pm, Sat, Sun 24 hours                   

     Mon - Fri                                Open Weekends & All Major Holidays 

    6pm - 7 am                                                   

Pet's ER  is a fully equipped emergency facility serving the lower Eastern Shore.  It is intended to provide quality emergency services when your regular veterinarian is closed.

The clinic is staffed at all times by a licensed veterinarian and technicians who are available and on the premises during all operating hours.  Please call before coming to the clinic it allows to prepare our staff for your arrival, but in case of any emergency we accept any walk-in patients.

Our primary goal is to provide intensive care for critically ill or injured small animals.  Our service also provides prompt attention for other ailments that my not be life-threatening, but are painful or concerning to the pet owner.

The clinic performs NO routine procedures such as vaccinations.  Any non-emergency condition found during the course of an exam will be brought to your attention, we will encourage you to consult your regular veterinarian.  For example, the clinic does not engage in final repair of fractures.  A fracture is generally not life threatening, the presence of shock or accompanying problems are our primary concern.  Final fracture repair will be performed by your regular veterinarian or a referral to a surgeon.



The first responsibility of the emergency hospital and staff is to render immediate care for patients with urgent illness and injuries.  The urgency of treatment is determined by the veterinarian on duty.  All patients are treated on a triage basis.

This means that the more critical or unstable patients are examined and treated before the more stable or non-critical patients.  Please be assured that you pet will be seen as soon as possible.  Every effort will be made to provide comfort and safety for your pet until it can be examined.