Pets ER

402 Punkin Court
Salisbury, MD 21804-2077


Pet's ER Hospital Information

1.  A deposit is required on all pets admitted for hospital care.

2.  You will receive an estimate of expected fees for your pet's hospital care.  Please notify receptionist if you did not receive one.

3.  An itemized receipt of fees charged and services rendered will be given to you upon discharge of your pet.  All charges must be paid before the pet is released from the hospital.  This policy enables us to eliminate book keeping and therefore maintain our high standard of medical care at reasonable fees.  The Emergency clinic can not extend credit.

4.  Upon release of your pet, you will be instructed to return to your regular veterinarian if continued care, diagnostics, or follow up procedures are recommended.

5.  A copy of your pets medical record will be faxed to your regular veterinarian upon discharge, you will be given a copy of your pets medical record, x-rays and any other information to present to your regular vet. 

6.  Please do not let your pet eat or drink excessively upon arriving at home.  This is a common mistake which often precipitates vomiting and/or diarrhea.  Wait at least 30 minutes and then offer your pet only small amount of food and water.

7.  If a problem pertaining to the entering complaint arises the same week-end or evening the initial visit occurred, we will be glad to re-examine your pet at no charge.