Pets ER

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Basic Emergency Exam:

There is a basic emergency service fee for the fixed cost of running the emergency facility.  This fee covers use of the emergency room and the initial examinination of your pet by the veterinarian.  The veterinarian will make decisions about the best course to follow, will provide you with advice, and available treatment.


This fee is for maintaining a clean and well kept area for your pet during its hospital stay.  It included re-examination and monitoring of hospital patients.


A wide range of surgical procedures and performed at the emergency facility.  The use of the facilities equipment, instruments, and surgeon's time and clinical expertise are included in this fee.  Surgery will be performed only when a delay could be detrimental to your pet.


This fee covers the use of sedatives or anesthetics when required for diagnosis, treatment or surgery on your pet.


This fee is for use of the digital radiographic equipment, the assistant's time to take the x-rays and for the veterinarian's interpretation of the x-rays.


These fees included the use of intramuscular, intravenous, subcutaneous, oral and topical medications.

Fluid Therapy:

Fluid therapy is the administration of fluids intravenously or subcutaneously.  Fluid therapy is administere4d for loss of blood, shock, dehydration, or surgery.  A number of different types of fluids are available to treat specific medical conditions.  The necessity and fee for fluid therapy will be determined by the veterinarian on duty.


This fee covers the cost of obtaining samples, such as blood, urine, and stool and performing diagnostic test on the samples.  This fee also includes clinical interpretation of laboratory results by the veterinarian on duty.